Business Name: Voyager IT Solutions

Business Segment: MBA Fakhro / Greenfield Capital / R&D

Year Founded: 2014

Fund Name: MBA Fakhro – Greenfield Capital One

Ownership: MBA Fakhro – Greenfield Capital One owns 100% of Voyager IT Solutions


Business Overview: Voyager IT Solutions is a leading R&D entity. The company has developed many cutting edge solutions for companies to take advantage of the technological changes happening around the world including AI, Machine Learning, IOT, and other technologies. The company has developed a number of products that have since been spun off as separate businesses under MBA Fakhro, including Artify HCM, Alchemist CRM, Newton SMS, Dukakeen, Nafaneef, and others. Voyager continues with these businesses as the key provider of research and development.

In addition, Voyager is also a developer of software to third party companies around the world. Under this line, Voyager acts as the research and development arm of third party clients.  It develops software products that they require to fulfill their business objectives.