Business Name: Articles Boulevard

Business Segment: MBA Fakhro / Greenfield Capital / Social Networks

Year Founded: 2014

Fund Name: MBA Fakhro – Greenfield Capital One

Ownership: MBA Fakhro – Greenfield Capital One owns 100% of ArticlesBD


Business Overview: TravChain is an under development blockchain DAPP that aims to deBusiness Overview: is a large collection of articles where you can share the information of a number of interesting topics concerning all departments of life. It is possible for you to upload articles of varied subjects including arts and entertainment, education, business, computers, technology, finance, leadership, legal, medicine, marketing, fitness, sports, diet, cooking, culture, career, women interests, current affairs and lot many more topics dealt by us while adding through the daily life.centralize the travel experience and make it more transparent and user friendly. It aims to be the blockchain equivalent of Travelocity or Expedia. allows you to submit blogs on any topics to showcase your writing prowess. It is a huge platform for budding and expert writers. Enjoy freedom writing and get inspired by reading other posts as well. allows you to submit the articles to the article directory. Search for any topics and get the immediate solution with