The research and development labs under our MBA Fakhro – Greenfield Capital are the engine that creates the products and services that we spin off as separate businesses. Our current R&D efforts, based out of Kerala and Bangalore in India, look for answers to problems in the fields of Material Sciences, Medicine, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Bioinformatics, Genomics, 5G, and Augmented Reality. We are a team of great pioneers, creative thinkers, and engineers, with a deep desire to participate in the process of changing the world positively, one invention, one innovation, and one award winning product at a time.

We create award winning software, hardware, and medicinal products, that each form the bedrock for the new companies that we create. We create environmental solutions to help to save the planet, medicinal products to save lives, and technology products to improve productivity, efficiency, and standards of living.

Some of the successes of our R&D efforts include award winning products like Artify HCM, Motor Methods, Dukakeen, and Algebra AI. Our pipeline of upcoming products include cancer treatment products to fall under a new company to be called C3, unmanned aerial vehicle and human jetpack technology to fall under a new company to be called Nellford Aerospace, solar technology in the shape of roof tiles under a new company to be called Phoenix Rising, and smart glasses to fall under our Odessey company, among other products. Another effort at the R&D stage, named Splice, encompasses our efforts to develop DNA based memory chips. This involves data storage on synthetic DNA to allow for data to be stored on much smaller surfaces and in a way that can last much longer.

Our R&D efforts are made up of two R&D entities, Voyager IT Solutions (focused on information technology) and Veritas Health Labs (focused on healthcare):

Voyager IT Solutions

Veritas Health Labs