The MBA Fakhro Dollar is a blockchain based currency that aims to facilitate transactions in a way that is easy to use and pegged to the US Dollar.  The idea for the MBA Fakhro Dollar, is for it to be pegged at one MBA Fakhro Dollar equal to one US Dollar, and for it to be redeemable to US Dollars at any time.  MBA Fakhro will charge a small transaction fee of one MBA Fakhro Cent, equal to one US Cent, for each transaction done using its currency.  In order to purchase MBA Fakhro Dollars, you would be able to buy it directly from MBA Fakhro at or on the open market.  MBA Fakhro will act as the central issuer of the currency and will hold the US Dollars that it receives from MBA Fakhro Dollars that it sells as reserves that can be redeemable at face value.